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Best Metal Futon Frames

Author: Brian Kempler
December 21st, 2016

The metal futon frame is is my one of my favorites for a number of reasons. They’re sturdy, inexpensive, and can look great in any room in the house. They’re especially great for children because of their durability. Growing up, I had a futon with a metal frame that lasted from the time I was in elementary school all the way up to the day I graduated high school.

Spoiler Alert! - Skip the list and see my #1 pick here.

Finding a quality metal futon frame can be a little difficult. Most of what you will find in big-box stores will be mostly cheap futon beds with a cheap futon mattress and futon mattress covers to go with it. With that, I would like to help you to pick a better metal frame in this post. Let's get started!

Serta Phoenix Futon Frame

This is the standard when it comes to metal frames. Serta is well known for their good quality.

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The Serta Pheonix frame is the standard for any metal futon frame. It features a simple armless design with a wire and tubular metal bed and back. It has evolved quite a bit since it’s introduction in the 1980’s. The finish for these frames now rival top quality furniture and it’s comfort and seating style have improved drastically over the years. It’s new and improved style eliminates the old bar feel that made them uncomfortable and accelerated mattress tear in the past. The Phoenix frame is perfect for saving space because of it’s minimalist arm style making it great for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike. I recommend this frame to anyone looking to save space while also preserving the style of the room. You really can’t go wrong with the Phoenix Frame.

Coaster Metal Futon Frame

This frame is durable and stylish. It's tubular metal design makes this frame durable enough to resist years of heavy use.

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The Coaster metal frame is as sturdy and comfortable as it is stylish. If you can’t already tell, style and comfort are two things I look for when picking a quality futon frame. This model definitely meets my criteria when it comes to what makes a frame sturdy because of its tubular metal design. It’s style is also modern and sleek and is even perfectly designed for space saving. The curve on the front of the frame makes it easy to slide objects underneath it to help you save space around it. It features two positions: sofa seat or full bed. This model is perfect for any modern home, apartment or college dorm.

DHP Alessa Frame

A solid choice on a budget. Great for apartments and college dorms.

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The DHP Alessa frame is built to compliment any room with its modern style. It features full metal construction and looks great as well. It can convert from sofa to full size sleeper because of it’s simple position changing functionality. There is some assembly required with this model, but it does come fully packed with all the tools and parts you need so there is no need for you to buy your own tools and it can be set up and enjoyed in minutes. DHP futon frames are known for being built to last so if you are looking for a quality metal frame that can take abuse, this is it. It weighs only 51 pounds which helps make moving this frame around very easy in your home or apartment.

Coaster Home Furnishings Transitional Futon Frame

I would also recommend this model for apartment dwellers or college students living in dorms. This one can also make for a nice office piece.

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When it comes to furnishing your home, you want the comfort that comes with great quality and great service. You need a brand name that’s reliable and dependable. Coaster Fine Furniture sets the bar by offering the best value and quality, in my opinion, by far. This contemporary futon frame will give your spare room a nice stylish look. The all black metal finish allows this frame to blend well into any room with any decor. It features two seating positions: upright and flat bed, and has a quick release mechanism to make changing between the positions a breeze. This is another example of a great metal futon frame that is sure to satisfy anyone looking to add a piece of functional furniture to a room.

DHP Emily Futon Frame

The DHP Emily is a favorite for those looking for an all in one solution. It's a great choice for your home or office.

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Ok, I’m cheating a little bit with this one. This isn’t just a metal futon frame. It’s a frame with a built in mattress. I know you came here wanting to read about futon frames, but I had to include this in the list because it is my absolute favorite. It’s modern chrome legs make it stand out from other frame styles and it’s split-back configuration makes it very versatile. It easily converts from sitting to lounging to sleeping positions with the flick of a lever. The cushion comes in gray fabric, or black or vanilla faux leather. This futon can be paired with it’s matching lounger to create a queen sized sleeping space for when you need a little extra leg room. It looks great in any room and is always sure to be a great addition to your home.

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